Fauskane Smart Buoy

Wind Direction (Deg)

Wind Speed / Gust (m/s)

Wind and Air Pressure

Weather Data

Average Wind Direction (Deg)
Average Wind Speed (m/s)
Gust Direction (Deg)
Gust Speed (m/s)
Pressure (hPa)
Relative Humidity (RH)
Temperature (DegC)
Dewpoint (DegC)

Temperature and Humidity

Wave Direction (Deg)

Wave Height (m)


Current Direction 5m (Deg)

Current Speed 5m (cm/s)

Current Speed

Current Direction 15m (Deg)

Current Speed 15m (cm/s)

Current Direction

Current Direction 25m (Deg)

Current Speed 25m (cm/s)

Battery Voltage

Ocean Data

Wave Mean Direction (Deg.M)
Wave Mean Period Tm02 (s)
Wave Peak Period (s)
Wave Height Hmax (m)
Significant Wave Height Hm0 (m)
Horizontal Speed 5m (cm/s)
Horizontal Speed 15m (cm/s)
Horizontal Speed 25m (cm/s)
Direction 5m (Deg.M)
Direction 15m (Deg.M)
Direction 25m (Deg.M)

Data Statistics

Number of data (24 h)
Time of last dataset


Latitude (Deg)
Longitude (Deg)