Vestfjorden Smart Buoy

Wind Direction (Deg)

Wind Speed / Gust (m/s)

Wind and Air Pressure

Weather Data

Average Wind Direction (Deg)
Average Wind Speed (m/s)
Gust Direction (Deg)
Gust Speed (m/s)
Pressure (hPa)
Relative Humidity (%)
Temperature (DegC)
Dewpoint (DegC)

Temperature and Humidity

Wave Direction (Deg)

Wave Height (m)


Current Direction 4m (Deg)

Current Speed 4m (knot)

Current Speed

Current Direction 14m (Deg)

Current Speed 14m (knot)

Current Direction

Current Direction 24m (Deg)

Current Speed 24m (knot)

Battery Voltage

Ocean Data

Significant Wave Height Hm0 (m)
Wave Peak Period (s)
Wave Mean Direction (Deg.M)
Wave Mean Period Tm02 (s)
Wave Height Hmax (m)
Current Speed 4m (knot)
Current Speed 14m (knot)
Current Speed 24m (knot)
Direction 4m (Deg.M)
Direction 14m (Deg.M)
Direction 24m (Deg.M)

Data Statistics

Number of data (24 h)
Time of last dataset


GPS Latitude (Deg)
GPS longitude (Deg)